Air-Dock boatlifts

Air-Dock boatlifts

Versatile, simple, discreet & affordable!

Air-Dock's inflatable chambers are constructed with techniques developed over fifty years on military boats and life saving units. All air-retaining seams are constructed with advanced high-frequency sealing techniques. Each one is meticulously assembled, inspected and tested to meet or surpass military standards, including MIL-I-45208A and ISO 9000. Air-Dock's inflatable chambers utilize the latest materials and construction techniques.

The Air-Dock material is highly resistant to punctures, tears and UV radiation.


Air-Dock boatlift specifications


1. The system consists of 2 to 6 air chambers, depending the length and the type of boat.

2. Blower box.

3. Fabricated for hard use, hooks and loops connect the air chambers to each other.

4. Protective flexible thick rubber matt for outboard boats.

5. Internal air chambers that align the boat on the Air-Dock.

6. Mooring points.

7. Mooring ropes.


Air-Dock boatlifts float on the water because of their internal inflated air chambers that keep your boat out of the water.

Drive your boat into it's mooring slip the same as you normally would. The boat's hull will slide easily over the Air-Dock. The internal air chambers align the Air-Dock to your boat and help to stop its forward motion. Once aligned, attach a bow rope to the front lifting ring of your boat.

Next, run the blower until the boat is completely raised out of the water.

Now your boat is totally safe and you can have peace of mind!

Air-Dock models are suitable for Jet skis & for boats with a maximum length of 13m and a maximum weight of 8t

Features & Advantages

Air-Dock boatlifts work at any water depth and can be installed in limited or cramped spaces.
It is a solution at an affordable cost which will be soon depreciated.
Easy installation, use and cleaning. They do not require permanent interventions on the installation site.
It evenly distributes the weight of your boat and does not scratch or damage the surface of its hull. Also, it will not damage your propeller.
Airdock offers a warranty of 5 years for the air chambers and 3 years for the controls.
Suitable for use in salt water. Not affected by the waves.
They have discreet looks and ensure your place in the marina while traveling.
Compact & lightweight for easy transportation and relocation.
Operated with a plain power supply 220 VAC or 12 – 24V DC.