How It Works

How It Works

Using The Jetslide

1. Approach the JetSlide at idle, keeping the craft straight and centred with the JetSlide. When the bow of the craft will be in contact with the JetSlide, give small throttle strokes that will make the craft align with the JetSlide. When the craft is in line with the JetSlide, throttle in slowly. After a few tries, you will rapidly develop a feel of how much you have to use the throttle the reach final position on the JetSlide.

2. For a boat, engine must be trimmed down fully during the entering procedures to prevent damages to the Jetslide. Increase throttle power until the boat is fully up on the system. When the engine gets in contact with the Jetslide, you will feel the craft stopping. You must immediately throttle down. This indicates that the craft is at final resting position. Entering the unit at high speed may damage the unit. We recommend, at first, that you try at slow speeds until you reach the correct speed. If the boat gets on the system, but is not all the way in. You can continue throttling progressively until the boat reaches final resting position.

3. It is recommended to secure the craft to a cleat in order to prevent the craft from sliding back into the water accidently. The craft can be locked to the JetSlide with a chain when you are not using it. Ask your dealer for details.

4. To get back into the water, take a standing position on your PWC and generate a backward movement by using your lower back and arms, pumping backwards rapidly until the PWC starts sliding back into the water. It works better when the JetSlide is wet.

5. The easiest way back into the water is to hold the bow of the PWC with one hand and the handle bar in the other and then push it back slowly. Be careful, at a certain point, the PWC will start moving backwards by itself. At that moment, get on the PWC so it stops sliding away without a driver!

6. For a boat, put the engine in reverse and increase throttle until craft starts to go down by itself. It helps if you wet the system, especially if the boat was not used for a couple of days. For turbine boats, you can push it off (when possible) or use our winch system. Note that some boats will not be able to go back in the water on their own power; you might have to use the winch system.

7. A winch system is also available to help get in and out of the water. If you are using the winch system for a boat, you may require extra rows of cubes in front of the unit so the bow of the boat doesn’t come into contact with the winch assembly (consult your dealer for details).