FullOceans Buoys

FullOceans Buoys


FullOceans designs, manufactures in France, and sells navigation aid equipment for a worldwide market and is specialized in marine marker buoys. FullOceans offers a seven-year guarantee on their buoys.

FullOceans integrates the latest R&D innovations and manufacturing technologies in order to produce safe and qualitative products with a great value for money. Compared to steel buoys, plastic buoys will not corrode and all products are designed for a long-lasting activity.

Safety, performance and costs are FullOceans’ top priority in the design of their products for an easy use and maintenance. In short, durable and reliable, the buoy’s range is the perfect solution to meet the needs of maritime, coastal, offshore and river projects.


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The development of high-performance products at the best prices is the priority of FullOceans.
From design to manufacturing, everything is done to meet the requirements of our customers.
Thanks to this commitment, FullOceans guarantees for 7 years the quality and the reliability of its AtoN buoys.
To ensure a better follow-up of the quality of the products and to benefit from the guarantee of 7 years on the AtoN buoys FullOceans, the customer must register the products using the form provided for this purpose.
The conditions of warranty and liability are available by download using the link below.