Are you considering upgrading your dock and deck to solar powered lighting but unsure of where to start or if it is the right fit for your wants and needs?


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To get to your answer, you first need to understand what is solar lighting and how does it work?

What is solar lighting and how does it work?

Solar technology works because of the photovoltaic effect, which basically means that a solar cell converts energy from the sun’s radiation into an electrical current. Does this mean that to have solar lighting, the lights have to be in constant and direct sunlight for them to power on and last through the night? Yes, to achieve the longest run time of the light time of the light, the unit must be placed in direct sunlight. Most solar lighting uses rechargeable batteries to actually power the light. The batteries are what gets charged up when exposed to sunlight with solar energy which allows the solar light to power on throughout the night. With Lake Lite, all of our solar lighting for decks, docks and post lighting has removable, rechargeable batteries that are easy to access and easy to replace the battery when necessary. This makes for an easy upkeep and maintenance to make the solar lights last for years and years to come. Besides having to replace the batteries, upkeep and maintenance for solar lighting can depend on where you are located and the type of the environment that the lights are in during the fall and winter months.

Lake Lite's and Ultra Bright Tech's solar powered lights are sturdy, durable and can withstand different water enviroments, some are both fresh water and salt water rated, some just fresh water rated, as well as temperatures. We do suggest winter storage and maintenance to prolong the life of Lake Lite and Ultra Bright Tech's solar lighting units depending on where you are located, and how the solar radiation levels are impacted by your location's weather conditions and current seasons. If the solar powered lights are staying debris free and able to get enough sun to recharge the battery, keeping them out in the winter doesn't hurt the actual solar light itself, it can be harsh on the batteries, but overall, they can and do function year-round. Regular cleaning is required to ensure excess dirt and debris that has built up on the surface of the solar panel is removed, allowing for a constant and steady absorption of the solar energy being collected from the sun.

Now that you know and understand what is solar lighting, how it works, and how to maintain solar-powered lighting, it's time to look into the overall cost and investment to make the upgrade come to fruition. Upgrading to solar-powered lighting can be a higher cost in the beginning for the actual solar-powered lighting, but the installation is little, to no cost compared to installing wired lighting. Check out some of our installation videos and see the complete process completed in juust minutes!

The overall savings and reduction of your carbon footprint pays off within the first 1-2 years of switching/upgrading to outdoor solar-powered lighting. It's time to cut the cords and reduce your carbon footprint. The long-term efficient savings and freedom of no power/electric bill, upgrading to solar lighting creates a beautiful ambience, all while getting to kick back, relax, and enjoy the evening!

Lake Lite and Ultra Bright Tech offer all your outdoor solar-powered lighting solutions and rechargeable and removeable batteries that you could need that include 1-year warranties and outstanding customer service and support. Products offered vary from solar lighting for decks, docks, dock posts, fence posts, garden lighting and light posts, as well as boat lighting and street, flood lights and many more solar-powered lighting and solar panel options.